Wednesday, 27 June 2012

First step to kids illustration

I have been researching how to do better in kids illustration. Helping children to grow with my illustrations is fun and challenging.When i was browsing some other children books, i told myself 'its not difficult, i can draw better, ya, i can do it'. But when i really sit down and hold my pen, my mind gone blank and do not know where to start. There will many questions in my mind:

1. What kind of content suits them? toddler,2-year-old,5-year-old kids have different thinking.
2. Color combination is not a problem, but what kind of color that will really help them to grow and increase their creativity?
3. Should i make the cows talk in my drawings? Does it really make sense?

So my solution is this.

I bought books to help me with the process. Although I am still struggling now, but at least i learnt more about babies and children.

Some sketch book to start my ideas.
In process